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Flossing Tips 101

Tuesday, Jun 07,2016

Do you have difficulty flossing or simply hate it? No worries! We want to simplify your life and make sure you have a fabulous and healthy smile.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

If you wrap 1-2 inches of floss around a finger on each hand, then it makes it easier to floss your teeth
Leave a lot of floss left over to allow easy maneuvering between your teeth inside your mouth
Another great way is to break off a foot of floss and wrapping one end of the floss a few times around the middle finger of each hand and using your forefinger and thumbs to maneuver the floss inside your mouth
Press the floss between two teeth and gently press downward or upward if doing an upper set of teeth
Then glide the floss up and down a few times against the surfaces of both teeth, carefully, and to reach below the gum line as well
If your teeth bleed; don’t be freaked out, this is normal until your teeth get used to flossing
If you cannot use traditional floss to do the trick; there are other methods: a flosser that forces water between your teeth or a plastic flosser with the floss attached that allows you to go between your teeth


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