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It Makes My Teeth Grind

Friday, Jul 08,2016

Bruxism is what they call teeth grinding! It is often considered a harmless, yet annoying habit that develops from inability to deal with stress or anxiety. However, teeth grinding can change your bite relationship and worse, severely damage your teeth and jaw over a long periodo f time.

Teeth grinding can cause abrasions to the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Eventually the wear and tear will prematurely age and loosen the teeth. This will open your teeth up to new and not so fun problems. Things like hypersensitivity (from the small cracks that form, exposing your dentin) will become an issue you have to deal with.

Bruxism can also cause severe jaw and facial pain as well as headaches
A few clues that you may be suffering from bruxism are:

Your jaw is often too sore, or you hear popping sounds when you open and close your mouth
Your teeth look abnormally short or worn down
You notice small dents in your tongue
Bruxism can be treated, to a small degree. A common therapy involves using a special appliance worn while sleeping. Less intrusive, though just as effective methods could involve biofeedback and behaviour modification, such as tongue exercises and learning how to properly align your tongue, teeth and lips.




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