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The Frenulum Linguae

Friday, Jul 08,2016

That sounds like a fun and entertaining word, don’t it?
The frenulum is a flap of oral mucosa that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This particular tissue allows the tongue to move about as does its job. If an infant is born with a frenulum that is too short, or not elastic enough, he or she can have trouble breastfeeding (yikes). A short frenulum can also affect speech. The one time size does matter, huh?
The next time you are brushing your teeth, spend a minute looking at the parts of the mouth lie farther inside the oral cavity. Knowing what these structures do and what they look like plus why the exist can help you maintain superior oral health.
Are you curious if your frenulum linguae is well developed? Talk to your dentist to learn more!


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