Dental Implants Back

The quality of life of an individual can be seriously affected when they have one or several missing teeth. It is difficult to chew food when you have missing teeth. A lot of people find it embarrassing to smile, thus losing self-confidence. Everyone deserves to be able to smile openly and confidently. Dental Implants are titanium screws that replace the root part of the missing tooth.

It is very important to replace missing teeth to avoid long term health issues. When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth begin shifting causing the jaw to become misaligned. In some cases, the jaw bone can also start deteriorating resulting in facial collapse or affecting the ability to chew and talk properly. All of this can lead to serious issues that can be avoided by replacing a tooth. When there are no teeth to support, it is possible for the bone to shrink. When a dental implant adheres to bone, the bone is less likely to shrink over time. However, if you have missing teeth or have had missing teeth for a long period of time, there is a possibility that you may have lost bone. A bone graft can build up the bone so it can support and implant. During bone graft is done, bone is added to the area where the jawbone has shrunk.

During the procedure for a dental imlant, the implant is surgically placed into the jawbone. While healing, the titanium screw begins to bond with the bone. During the healing process, the titanium screw bonds to the surrounding bone, providing an anchor for a crown that is eventually used to replace the missing tooth. The healing takes about three to six months after which, the oral surgeon will attach a tooth replacement, which could be a dental crown, bridge or denture, restoring the look of a natural tooth.

Although the crown or denture or bridge attached to the dental implants look and act much like natural teeth dental implants are not as strong as natural teeth. It is imperative to brush and floss the implants very carefully. Be gentle and make sure all sides of the implant are brushed. Toothbrushes that have longer bristles at the tip may help clean behind the implant.

To be a candidate for dental implants, the individual must be in good general health, have healthy gums and enough bone in the jaw to support the implant. They must be willing to see their oral surgeon several times until the work is done and take meticulous care of the implants.

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